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         Александр ПОНОМАРЕВ: режиссер, актерАлександр ПОНОМАРЕВ: режиссер, актер   рус    eng

director, actor, script writer

King Uzbek in Happy Beggars by K. Gozzi, directed by F. Berman, Stanislavsky Theater, 1981In 1977 finished high school with honours in the city of Astrakhan.
In 1981 got honours degree from Moscow Art Theater's Acting School Teachers — V. Markov, E. Mores, S. Pilyavskaya, A. Stepanova, E. Evstigneev, V. Bogomolov, A. Popov, K. Golovko, A. Pokrovskaya, A. Myagkov, Examination Board Chairman and teacher — I. Smoktunovsky

The best role in graduation productions — Improvisatore in Egyptian Nights by A. Pushkin (supervised by A. Bogomolov).

Graduation Productions as director:

  • Fariatyev's Fantasies (supervised by E. Mores, stage designer — O. Sheintsis)
  • French Song Concert (supervised by G. Trofimenko)
  • Variations on Golden Calf by I. Ilf and E. Petrov (banned by school administration in 1980 for "formalism")
  • • Kazan University by E. Evtushenko, banned for political reasons

1981–1986 — worked as actor in Stanislavsky Drama Theater, Moscow;
1986–2006 — worked as actor in Hermitage Theater, Moscow.

Early productions as director:

  • 1983 — People Are Living There By A. Fugard. (Stanislavsky Theater, 1983, banned by theatre's supervisory board for "formalism")
  • 1986 — Production of Velimir Khlebnikov's first version of The Present, forming nucleus of Odd and Even Theater operated by Artistic Workshops under Russia's Union of Theater Workers. Odd and Even's first production — Nikolai Gogol. Nose won Best Dramatization of Russian Classical Prose Award at Lefortovo Games Festival in Moscow
  • 1989 — Musical Links of Gold Chain at Jewish Music Theater, Moscow

Odd and Even Theater's Productions:

Work abroad:
    Tania, First Version by A. Arbuzov, Russian Youth Theater, 2003
  • 1989 — production of Little Tragedies by V. Khlebnikov at Sliven Drama Theater, Bulgaria (first production at professional theater)
  • 1996 — workshops for theater directors in UK
  • 1997 — joint Russian-Romanian-Maltese project Dorde in Malta
  • 1998 — The Ivanovs' Christmas Party by Vvedensky at HaDivadlo Theater, Brno, Czech Republic, nominated for Best Czech Production award

Productions at Russian Youth Theater:

Productions in other Russian theatres:

  • 2001 — Unachievable by S. Maugham, Red Torch Theatre, Novosibirsk
  • 2003 — Truth about Don Quixote and Sancho after Сervantes, Near Stanislavsky's Home Theater, Moscow
  • 2005 — World, Fact, Theory, God, opera by S. Andrusenko based on A. Vvedensky's poem, Little World Theater, Moscow
  • 2006 — Kukaryamba, or Pippilongstocking after Lindgren, SAMART Theatre, Samara
  • 2008 — The Blue Bird, by Maeterlinck, Saratov Youth Theatre
  • Yuri Levitansky. Black and White Movie, jointly with film director M. Fanosyan, Elena Kamburova's Music and Poetry Theater, Moscow, 2012
  • 2012 — Yuri Levitansky. Black and White Movie, jointly with film director M. Fanosyan, Elena Kamburova's Music and Poetry Theater, Moscow
  • 2013 — Rose and Cross by Alexander Blok, Theater "School of dramatic art", Moscow
  • 2016 — The Eldest Son by Alexander Vampilov ("Teatralny Osobnyak", Moscow. Included in "The Best Performances" long list of the national award "Golden Mask"–2017)

Radio plays:

  • Zanghezi by Velimir Khlebnikov, Odd & Even Theatre, First prize at MACROPHONE-94 Arts Radio Forum in Vroclav, Poland
  • Mrs Lenine by V. Khlebnikov, joint production of Radio-1, Odd and Even Theatre and Termen-Center, first prize for best mini-drama at Prize Ostankino-94 International Competition
  • Ecclesiasi by Aristophanes, Radio-1, Moscow, 1993
  • Hodja Nasreddin's First Love by Т. Zulfikarov, Radio-1, 1994, DeutschlandRadio Berlin, 1996
  • Hamayun or Sunset On The Swamp by Marc, Radio–1, 1994
  • Etruscan Vase and Discontent by P. Merimee. Radio Russia, 1995
  • My Meetings with Vladimir Kazakov by V. Kazakov. Radio Russia, 1995, Swedish Radio, Helsinki, Finland, 1997
  • 21 Tanka, by Ishikawa Takuboku, bilingual version (Russian-Japanese) — Termen Center & Radio-1, Moscow, 1994; trilingual version (Russian-Japanese-German) — Deutschland Radio, Berlin, 1995
  • Marriage by N. Gogol, Polish Radio, Warsaw, 1996
  • Picnic by F. Arrabal, Radio Russia, 1996
  • 21 Tanka, by Ishikawa Takuboku, 1994, booklet page
  • Double Bass by P. Zuskind, Radio Russia, 1996
  • Asleep in Armageddon by R. Bradbury, 1997
  • The Exilesby R. Bradbury, E. Poe, A. Bierce, 2003
  • The Blind by M. Maeterlinсk, Handsome Despot by N. Yevreinov, Stories about Loveby N. Teffy, National Culture Radio, 2005
  • Cossac Fairy Tales, Radio Russia, 2006
  • Blue Bird by M. Materlinck, Stars Falling by V. Astafiev, Horror Story by A. Aleksin, Radio Russia, 2007
  • Altai Fairy Tales, Russian Fairy Tales by A. Afanasiev, Night Watchman after V. Kaverin, Radio Russia, 2008
  • Christmas Carol in Prose after Ch. Dickens, Radio Russia Samara, 2008
  • Picaresque Novel by N. Teffi, Woe from Wit by A. Griboyedov, Yuri Miloslavski, or The Russians in 1612, Salome by O. Wilde, Radio Russia, 2010
  • Vague Smile by F. Sagan, Culture Radio, 2010
  • Woman and Nature and Letter by Female Stranger by S. Zweig, Culture Radio, 2010
  • Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome, Radio Russia, 2011
  • Once Upon a Time in Manchuria by L. Naumov, Masterpiece by R. Beletsky, Culture Radio, 2011
  • Flight by L. Andreev, King Lear by W. Shakespeare, Life is a Dream by P. Calderon, Radio Russia, 2011
  • The Tale of Tsar Saltan by A. Pushkin, VIMBO, audiobook, www.vimbo.ru, 2012)
  • Madame Bovary by G. Flaubert, Radio Russia, 2012
  • Cain. Manfred by G. Byron, Radio Russia, 2012
  • Face and Heart by Yu. Olesha, Radio Russia, 2012
  • Cain. Manfred by G. Byron,  Radio Russia, 2012. The rehearsal in Pluchek Museum
  • Hornet's Nest by Vasiliy Birkin, Radio Russia, 2013
  • Army Warrant Officer by Alexander Kuprin, Radio Russia, 2013
  • Childhood, Adolescence, Youth by Leo Tolstoy, Radio Russia, 2013
  • The Bronze Rider, Count Nulin, House In Kolomna by Alexander Pushkin, www.vimbo.ru
  • A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway, Radio Russia, 2013
  • His Battalion by Vasil Bykov, Radio Russia, 2015
  • Polinka Saks by Alexander Druzhinin, Radio Russia, 2016
  • Essays on The Criminal World of Tsarist Russia by Arkady Koshko, Radio Russia, 2018
  • Go to the board… Vasilkin! by Victoria Lederman, Radio Russia, 2018
  • Pi Day, based on the novel by Nina Dashevskaya, Radio Russia, 2020

  • as well as plays on Moscow Children's Portal (www.deti.mos.ru) and others


Author of concept, co-director and actor in short film Ka after V. Khlebnikov, Central Science Film Studios, 1991, best Short Film Award, Germany, 1994.

TV Plays:


Some theater roles:

    Modest Zand in Beggar, or Zand's death, by Yu. Olesha, directed by M. Levitin (Hermitage Theater, the play ran for 20 years, 1986–2006)
  • Whiz Kid in Like a Lion by R. Ibragimbekov, Astrakhan Drama Theater, 1972
  • King Uzbek in Happy Beggars by K. Gozzi, directed by F. Berman, Stanislavsky Theater, 1981
  • Le Bret in Syrano de Bergerac, directed by B. Morozov, 1982
  • Don in People are Living There by A. Fugard, directed by A. Ponomarev, Stanislavsky Theatre, 1983
  • Shilo in The Case by Sukhovo-Kobylin, directed by A. Portnov, Stanislavsky Theater, 1986
  • Modest Zand in Beggar, or Zand's death, by Yu. Olesha, directed by M. Levitin (Hermitage Theater, the play ran for 20 years, 1986–2006)
  • Petr Nikolayevich in Elizaveta Bam by D. Kharms, directed by A. Ponomarev, Odd and Even Theater, 1989
  • Don Juan in Don Juan by V. Kazakov, directed by A. Ponomarev, Odd and Even Theater, 1990
  • Speransky, Manager in God is Probably Everywhere by Vvedensky, directed by A. Ponomarev, Odd and Even Theater, 1991
  • Magic Horse in Dorde, joint Maltese-Russian-Rumanian project, originated at workshops in UK, directed by N. Chiobanu, Malta, played in English, 1996
  • Frost and Czar in Shaman and Snow Maiden after A. Ostrovsky and V. Khlebnikov, Russian Youth Theater, directed by A. Ponomarev, 1999
  • Poet in Yuri Levitansky. Black and White Movie, author and director — A. Ponomarev, 2012
  • Gaetan in Rose and Cross by Alexander Blok, directed by A. Ponomarev, Theater "School of dramatic art", Moscow, 2013

  •  and others

Some cinema and TV roles:
    Paris in Romeo and Juliet by . Shakespeare, directed by A. Efros, 1982
  • Pushkin in I've joined you again, Ekran Studios, directed by B. Galanter, 1981
  • Paris in Romeo and Juliet by W. Shakespeare, directed by A. Efros, 1982
  • Poet in I Accept the Challenge, Moldova Film, directed by V. Gazhiu, 1983
  • Alexander Blok in At the Call of the Revolution. Central Television, directed by Yevlakhishvili, 1986
  • Fernando in Poet's Death, directed by V. Zakharov, Moscow Television, 1986
  • De Forge in Dubrovsky, BelarusFilm, directed by V. Nikiforov, 1988
  • Pushkin in Das Duel, ZDF, Germany, directed by S. Hoefelder, 1988
  • Gilles Mauvoisin in The Traveler of All Saints' Day by G. Simenon, directed by V. Geller, Leningrad Television, 1989
  • Mongo in After the Duel, Moscow Television, 1990
  • Walter Kettle in Green Room Hosts Yalta-Film, directed by Yu. Boretsky, 1991
  • Mark in Once Upon a Time in Rostov, directed by K. Khudyakov, Sergei Zhigunov's Producer Center, 2011

  •  and others


Some roles in radio plays:

    Pushkin in I've joined you again, Ekran Studios, directed by B. Galanter, 1981
  • Sehismundo in Life is a Dream, Radio Russia
  • Reciting Dubrovsky by A. Pushkin — audiobook (www.vimbo.ru)
  • Sherlock Holmes and Father Brown in Dancing Men and Father Brown Stories by Conan Doyle and G. K. Chesterton (www.vimbo.ru)
  • Narrator in Madame Bovary by G. Flaubert, Radio Russia
  • Narrator in Hornet's Nest by Vasiliy Birkin, Radio Russia
  • Reciting House in Kolomna by Aexander Pushkin (www.vimbo.ru, 2013)

  • And many others



For theater

For cinema

Radio drama scripts:

  • A great number of scripts, in particular for radio plays that I myself directed, among the latest ones is Madame Bovary, translated into Russian by myself.


Stage design:

For details see also The Russian Drama Theater Encyclopedia:
Russkii dramaticheskii teatr. Moscow: 'Bolshaia Rossiiskaia encyclopedia', 2001.

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